Candy, the lucky mother!

This small dog was found in a dumpster and she seemed to have just given birth to her 2 puppies when she was first spotted.
At first the dumpster looked like a good place for her family, since it was dry and safe. But when it started to rain, her puppies were flushed to the sewer.
Luckily, a kind man saw this little family and decided to help. He rescued the puppies from the gutter and took them home. The mother ran away in panic. The man tried to catch her and finally succeeded to take her to meet her puppies.
The little family was saved and the puppies grew into strong healthy boys!

Unfortunately the man who rescued Candy and her puppies could not keep them forever. He is old and cannot commit for a young dog. He managed to find a home for Candy’s puppies but he needs help to find Sweet Candy a great family.

Candy is small, about 7 kg. She was born around 2009. Loves people and good with other dogs and other animals. She has medium level energy and is not at all aggressive.

If you are looking for a quiet and loyal companion, sweet Candy is a great choice. Contact us ( for her adoption, our usual adoption criteria apply.