UPDATE 29/09/2014


Thank you for your help, now Pixie is completely healthy!
Now we are looking for a forever home for Pixie. She is healthy, happy and very playful.
Pixie is ready to meet her forever family.
Contact us (letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com) to adopt Cheerful Pixie!

UPDATE 16/09/2014


More than four weeks ago Pixie was in an EXCRUCIATING PAIN. NOBODY CARED about her. She was abandoned in a street with acute Demodex. Four weeks in our care, Pixie has been healing very fast. Who says Demodex cannot be cured? Look at Pixie now.
She is now in an animal hospital and is waiting for a foster or her forever family to give her home. Would that be you?
Contact us for more info on adoption and donation: letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com.


UPDATE 07/09/2014


Look at Pixie! Is this the same dog we found three weeks a go?
Pixie is RECOVERING fast but she is not yet completely healthy. She will still need to see the vet in regular basis to make sure that everything is going well with her progressing condition. By the time she is ready, she will need a good home with a loving family! Pixie is very playful and loves to be with people. She will be a perfect addition for your family!
Contact us (letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com) to ADOPT Pixie!
And if you can, please help DONATE for her ongoing medical care.

UPDATE 25/08/2014


Pixie is RECOVERING–her sores are closing and she is in a much better condition than the first time we met her. Pixie still NEEDS her MEDICATION and good NUTRITION. Help us by DONATING for her recovery. She also needs a FOSTER home so she can recover faster. Be informed that Demodex is not contagious towards humans or other animals. Contact us to help Pixie at letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com!

UPDATE 20/08/2014


UPDATE 20/08/2014

We have taken Pixie to the vet and she had her skin tested. Came back positive with DEMODEX and a severe SKIN INFECTION. Without proper treatment, the Demodex mange will spread and the infection will become worse, it wouldn’t be too long for her short life to end. Demodex is a mange that lives under the dog’s skin. It is not contagious to other animals or humans and can be cured with the right medication. Pixie is now in a safe place, but we need a FOSTER home to keep her until she gets a new family. Please contact us to adopt/foster Pixie.

And if you can, please DONATE for Pixie’s treatment. Help SHARE too, Pixie needs YOU!

Info on donation and adoption, please email us: letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com. Thank you…



Help us save this poor girl!

A puppy was wandering on her own under a scorching sun in the middle of a busy street — she looked sick, hungry, and was alone. She has severe Demodex and skin infection. Her condition is horrible, we believe that she would not survive long. NO ONE helped out, maybe because of how she looks!


Help us save this puppy whom we call Pixie, and she is at a vet’s for a treatment. Help us give her a new life. If you can, please DONATE for Pixie’s treatment so she can be healthy and ready to meet her new family soon. Or write to us if you wish to adopt this poor girl and give her the best life she could ever imagine!

For info on donation and adoption: letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com.


Kami melihat anak ini berjalan sendirian di tengah jalan besar yang ramai kendaraan lalu-lalang pada siang hari yang panas terik. Terlihat seperti kebingungan, sakit, kelaparan, kulitnya banyak luka-luka dan sepertinya ada Demodex dan infeksi. Kondisinya lebih mengerikan daripada yang terlihat di foto. Banyak orang yang melihat anak anjing ini tapi TIDAK SEORANG PUN yang menolong, mungkin karena jijik melihat kondisinya. Kami tidak yakin ia akan bertahan hidup jika tidak segera ditolong!

Bantu kami menyelamatkan anak yang kami namakan Pixie ini, ia sudah dibawa ke rumah sakit untuk pengobatan lebih lanjut. Bantu kami untuk memberikannya kehidupan yang jauh lebih baik dari sekarang. Jika bisa, bantu DONASI untuk biaya pengobatan dan perawatannya sampai Pixie sembuh dan siap diadopsikan.

Untuk donasi, bisa via BCA ke Carolina Fajar (no acc. 899 0277 908) atau via Paypal di jeannekarmila@gmail.com.

Jika Anda bersedia mengadopsi Pixie, email kami di letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com untuk kami proses lebih lanjut.

Bantu SHARE juga ya, terima kasih banyak!


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