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We thought this special boy found his forever family, but what happened next will shock you!

Gringgo, that is what this boy was called when we saved him, was found tied to a tree in the middle of the streets with no food, no water, no shelter in the harsh cold Bandung weather and rainy season. He survived eating small lizards and rats that came his way and drinking rain water for months before we could get him to safety.


We found a wonderful home for Gringgo, or so we thought, when Lisa Miller and her family applied to adopt Gringgo. The happy family with two little kids seemed like a great match for gentle Gringgo. They insisted that they wanted Gringgo, that they wanted to keep him as a part of their family and that they agreed with the conditions to adopt from us.

Lisa and Matt, her husband, told us that they would live in Indonesia for many years and THEY WOULD DEFINITELY inform us should anything happen in the future if they need to leave Indonesia and cannot bring Gringgo. WE WILL DEFINITELY TAKE HIM BACK as we have made an agreement.
During the time they had Gringgo, we were updated about Gringgo regularly, always good news, although they were short and hurried.

We were glad that finally Gringgo found a loving family.

But one year later, we found a SHOCKING TRUTH.

We found out that they were leaving Indonesia and they were LEAVING GRINGGO BEHIND! To make matters worse, they GAVE AWAY GRINGGO TO THE FIRST PERSON who wanted to take him FOR FREE, while they knew that they should just give us a call and we would take Gringgo back!

We were lucky that we managed to get Gringgo back, as they gave up the dog they claimed they love so much to the first STRANGER who wanted to keep him!
Things went from bad to worse from there, we later found out that despite all the good things they told us, they did not even care about Gringgo. Gringgo was THINNER when we got him back than when he was adopted. He LIVED OUTDOOR and slept outside. HE WAS NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO STAY INSIDE THE HOUSE! His only friend was the housemaid, who cried when Gringgo was leaving, while the family DID NOT EVEN GIVE A SECOND GLANCE as Gringgo was taken away.

Camera 360

We certainly did not want to rescue Gringgo from his worst condition to be rehomed into a family like that! Gringgo is NOT A TOY or A PIECE OF JUNK that can be left behind when they move house! This family did not realize and certainly did not appreciate how much effort, time and energy we put into this — rescuing Gringgo from the thugs that kept him for God knows how long, fostering him and training him so that he was familiar with home situations, transporting him from Bandung to Jakarta, getting him checked regularly in the hospital and finally interviewing and screening potential adopters for this friendly boy!

This family definitely did NOT think of Gringgo as part of their family! This photo below is for you to remember!


Gringgo is now safe. We will have him checked thoroughly and we will find him a new home. We decided to call him Ringo now. Ringo will be ready to meet his new family. Please open your heart and your home for this loving and gentle boy, GIVE RINGO ANOTHER CHANCE OF HAVING A REAL LOVING FAMILY – the kind of family who would love him till the end. Ringo is a very friendly boy and whoever has him as part of the family will hit the jackpot!

Contact us (letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com) to adopt Ringo and tell us about your present dog and your family.

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Daisy Boo http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2014/09/daisy-boo/ Mon, 01 Sep 2014 15:59:58 +0000 http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/?p=141 puppies

In 2011, we found a den full of puppies in an abandoned house. The mother was a stray dog. Homeless, emaciated and inexperienced, she did not know how to care for her 6 newborn pups. She ran when she saw us coming and refused to come closer to her little family. One of the puppies was covered in maggots — they were eating him alive! He had no chance of survival, half of his body was already eaten by maggots and he could not survive by the time we arrived at the clinic. The other puppies were sickly looking so we decided to rescue them all. That was how the story of Pocky, Lola, Berry, Daisy Boo and Sam started.


A couple of months later, Pocky was adopted to a loving family and grow up in a loving environment. Two of his siblings, Lola and Berry, were adopted together and they too live in a good home.


However, not all of them found their forever home, it took Daisy Boo three years in a foster home before the good news came. No one applied to adopt Daisy here in Indonesia. After waiting for three years, Daisy Boo’s forever family contacted us to take her home. Daisy Boo flew to Germany to meet her new mom and dad. She was shy at first but she warmed up quickly and accepted her new family.

daisy 2

daisy sandra

At Let’s Adopt Indonesia, we try our best to find the best homes for our animals. It may take years but we will do our best for them. It takes more than just rescuing the animals from the streets, gutter, or whatever place they came from. The real work is to FIND THEM A HOME and a forever family. Help us change the lives of the neglected, unwanted, and homeless animals. Support Let’s Adopt Indonesia by opening your home to adopt or foster our animals, volunteering for us, donating for the animals in need or sharing our plead in your social media page.

Contact us: letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com for more information.


PIXIE http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2014/08/pixie/ http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2014/08/pixie/#comments Wed, 20 Aug 2014 02:26:50 +0000 http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/?p=125 UPDATE 29/09/2014


Thank you for your help, now Pixie is completely healthy!
Now we are looking for a forever home for Pixie. She is healthy, happy and very playful.
Pixie is ready to meet her forever family.
Contact us (letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com) to adopt Cheerful Pixie!

UPDATE 16/09/2014


More than four weeks ago Pixie was in an EXCRUCIATING PAIN. NOBODY CARED about her. She was abandoned in a street with acute Demodex. Four weeks in our care, Pixie has been healing very fast. Who says Demodex cannot be cured? Look at Pixie now.
She is now in an animal hospital and is waiting for a foster or her forever family to give her home. Would that be you?
Contact us for more info on adoption and donation: letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com.


UPDATE 07/09/2014


Look at Pixie! Is this the same dog we found three weeks a go?
Pixie is RECOVERING fast but she is not yet completely healthy. She will still need to see the vet in regular basis to make sure that everything is going well with her progressing condition. By the time she is ready, she will need a good home with a loving family! Pixie is very playful and loves to be with people. She will be a perfect addition for your family!
Contact us (letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com) to ADOPT Pixie!
And if you can, please help DONATE for her ongoing medical care.

UPDATE 25/08/2014


Pixie is RECOVERING–her sores are closing and she is in a much better condition than the first time we met her. Pixie still NEEDS her MEDICATION and good NUTRITION. Help us by DONATING for her recovery. She also needs a FOSTER home so she can recover faster. Be informed that Demodex is not contagious towards humans or other animals. Contact us to help Pixie at letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com!

UPDATE 20/08/2014


UPDATE 20/08/2014

We have taken Pixie to the vet and she had her skin tested. Came back positive with DEMODEX and a severe SKIN INFECTION. Without proper treatment, the Demodex mange will spread and the infection will become worse, it wouldn’t be too long for her short life to end. Demodex is a mange that lives under the dog’s skin. It is not contagious to other animals or humans and can be cured with the right medication. Pixie is now in a safe place, but we need a FOSTER home to keep her until she gets a new family. Please contact us to adopt/foster Pixie.

And if you can, please DONATE for Pixie’s treatment. Help SHARE too, Pixie needs YOU!

Info on donation and adoption, please email us: letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com. Thank you…



Help us save this poor girl!

A puppy was wandering on her own under a scorching sun in the middle of a busy street — she looked sick, hungry, and was alone. She has severe Demodex and skin infection. Her condition is horrible, we believe that she would not survive long. NO ONE helped out, maybe because of how she looks!


Help us save this puppy whom we call Pixie, and she is at a vet’s for a treatment. Help us give her a new life. If you can, please DONATE for Pixie’s treatment so she can be healthy and ready to meet her new family soon. Or write to us if you wish to adopt this poor girl and give her the best life she could ever imagine!

For info on donation and adoption: letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com.


Kami melihat anak ini berjalan sendirian di tengah jalan besar yang ramai kendaraan lalu-lalang pada siang hari yang panas terik. Terlihat seperti kebingungan, sakit, kelaparan, kulitnya banyak luka-luka dan sepertinya ada Demodex dan infeksi. Kondisinya lebih mengerikan daripada yang terlihat di foto. Banyak orang yang melihat anak anjing ini tapi TIDAK SEORANG PUN yang menolong, mungkin karena jijik melihat kondisinya. Kami tidak yakin ia akan bertahan hidup jika tidak segera ditolong!

Bantu kami menyelamatkan anak yang kami namakan Pixie ini, ia sudah dibawa ke rumah sakit untuk pengobatan lebih lanjut. Bantu kami untuk memberikannya kehidupan yang jauh lebih baik dari sekarang. Jika bisa, bantu DONASI untuk biaya pengobatan dan perawatannya sampai Pixie sembuh dan siap diadopsikan.

Untuk donasi, bisa via BCA ke Carolina Fajar (no acc. 899 0277 908) atau via Paypal di jeannekarmila@gmail.com.

Jika Anda bersedia mengadopsi Pixie, email kami di letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com untuk kami proses lebih lanjut.

Bantu SHARE juga ya, terima kasih banyak!

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Kelly, the forgotten puppy http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2014/05/kelly-the-forgotten-puppy/ http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2014/05/kelly-the-forgotten-puppy/#comments Wed, 28 May 2014 06:42:52 +0000 http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/?p=85 UPDATE 6/10/2014



Kelly’s rescue is one of the extraordinary rescues we have ever had. He once lived in pain and loneliness, CHAINED at the back of a monastery in his short life. Nobody cared about him, he got a few scrapes of food once in while, with poor shelter and excruciating PAIN while Babesia parasites were eating him. He was ABOUT TO DIE in a short time if we did not take him straight away.

That was a while ago. Now Kelly is a happy and healthy puppy. He is ready to meet his new family and his new family is also eager to meet him! It’s now time for Kelly to fly as we have completed all the bureaucratic procedures.


This is going to be the best present we, all the Let’s Adopt community-and that is including YOU, can give to Kelly. Please help Kelly one more time… Please help us get his ticket home to his new home in Canada!
You can donate by Paypal (click the button below) or email us (letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com) for more info on how to donate via BCA!

Kami mendapatkan berita per telepon bahwa ada anak anjing yang sedang sakit akan segera dibuang ke jalan. Ketika kami tiba di lokasi, rumah susteran, kami terkejut melihat seekor anak anjing manis berusia 6 bulan yang kami namakan Kelly berada di pojokan yang nyaris tidak terlihat, dirantai ke sebuah kennel box di sudut. Kulitnya merah-merah, terinfeksi dengan luka.


Kelly awalnya hidup senang di mana semua orang mencintainya. Namun, karena kurangnya perawatan, ia terkena infeksi kulit. Tidak ada yang peduli untuk memberinya perawatan medis yang tepat, dan kondisinya memburuk. Ketika kondisinya semakin buruk, orang-orang yang tinggal di sana menjadi jijik, dan beberapa suster memerintahkan untuk memindahkan Kelly dari dalam rumah ke sudut halaman luar yang jauh dari pintu utama sebelum akhirnya memutuskan untuk membuang mahluk malang ini ke jalan.


Kami harus mengambil tindakan. Kelly semakin sakit dari hari ke hari dan tidak akan bertahan hidup di jalanan. Setiap kali ia bergerak, ia merasa sakit. Dia tidak bisa melangkah tanpa harus berhenti dan menggaruk badannya. Bulu pada separuh tubuhnya rontok dan badannya semakin luka setiap harinya. Kami segera melepaskan Kelly dari rantai dan membawanya langsung ke rumah sakit. Setelah sekian lama hidup dalam kondisi hidup yang tidak memadai, Kelly menderita berbagai macam penyakit. Dokter mendiagnosa Kelly dengan infeksi jamur parah, scabies, dan parasit darah. Kondisi ini berbahaya dan tanpa pertolongan medis yang tepat, Kelly dipastikan akan meninggal pelan-pelan dan penuh derita.


See Kelly’s video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baW9D9d7NmU

Bantu kami menyembuhkan Kelly dengan berdonasi. Donasi akan digunakan untuk biaya pengobatan dan perawatan Kelly. Hubungi kami di letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com untuk informasi lebih lanjut.
Jika Anda tertarik untuk menjadi foster bagi Kelly, silakan hubungi kami di letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com.
Mohon bantuannya untuk share cerita ini lewat Facebook/Twitter/media sosial lainnya.

Terima kasih.


Update 31 May 2014

Cek video Kelly terbaru disini:

Sekarang Kelly sudah jauh lebih ceria. Ia suka bermain, seperti anjing pada umumnya.
Sementara itu, pengobatan Kelly masih terus dijalankan. Jika memungkinkan, mohon bantuan untuk donasi biaya pengobatan dan perawatan Kelly. Hubungi kami di letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com untuk info donasi.
Terima kasih.


Update 20 Agustus 2014


Sudah diselamatkan, bukan berarti nasib Kelly sudah aman. Kelly masih butuh rumah secepatnya! Buka rumah Anda untuk Kelly!
Kelly sudah melalui banyak hal buruk dalam hidupnya. Beri Kelly kesempatan untuk menjadi bagian dari keluarga Anda!

Hubungi kami untuk mengadopsi atau menjadi foster bagi Kelly: letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com.

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Mylo, the Unwanted Boy http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2014/05/mylo-the-unwanted-boy/ http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2014/05/mylo-the-unwanted-boy/#comments Sun, 25 May 2014 14:26:13 +0000 http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/?p=89 1

We got a call from one lady–she said her relative found a small dog but he cannot keep it because he was going to be stationed out of Jakarta. The dog was in OK condition (although he didn’t elaborate what he meant by “OK”). We asked him to keep the dog for a while until we got him a foster home but then he said he found an adopter for the dog. The case was forgotten for months until the same lady called us again, saying that she needs help finding adopter for a small dog. It turned out that it was the same dog her relative found many months ago!

The poor dog was given to a friend, who thought that his kids might like the dog but the kids were scared of the dog, they wouldn’t touch the dog! “Daddy, we don’t want the dog, get rid of it!”
So the condition we saw when we went to see him was appalling–Mylo was laying on his own feces and urine, the cage was small, he was losing chunks of hairs, sick, and emaciated. There were feces everywhere, but this little guy was so happy to see us as if he just won a million dollar lottery! The kids said that their dad got the dog from somewhere, they didn’t even care.


We stopped by a pet shop to buy things needed for the dog and from the staff working there, we got another sad truth about Mylo. “We know this dog! He has no name. The family ordered the cheapest dog food for him once a month. Sometimes the dog was so hungry that he ate his own stool! We came to wash the dog once in a while and to send the dog food, that’s why we know about this poor dog… Nobody cared about him in that house”.

After the suffering he has gone through in that horrible place, we believe that Mylo will get back to a beautiful baby he used to be with proper treatment and we promise him that he will live in the best final home he can ever imagine!


Help us give Mylo a new life! If you can, please donate for his medication at the animal hospital!
Contact us at letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com for information on how to donate.
Please help SHARE in your Facebook, Twitter, Path, and other social media!

PS: When Mylo’s treatment is done, he’ll be ready to move to his new family. Please contact us (letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com) for his adoption!


Salah satu adopter kami menelepon dan meminta tolong untuk anjing kecil yang ditemukan kerabatnya dari jalan, tetapi kerabatnya ini tidak dapat menampung anjing tersebut karena dia akan ditempatkan di luar Jakarta segera. Anjing itu dalam kondisi OK (meskipun ia tidak menjelaskan apa yang dimaksud dengan “OK”). Kami memintanya untuk menjaga anjing itu sementara waktu sampai kita mendapatkannya rumah sementara tapi selang beberapa hari kemudian ia mengatakan bahwa ia telah menemukan adopter untuk anjing . Kasus ini dilupakan selama berbulan-bulan sampai adopter kami menelepon kami kembali, mengatakan bahwa ia membutuhkan bantuan untuk mencarikan rumah bagi anjing kecil. Ternyata anjing itu adalah anjing yang sama yang ditemukan kerabatnya beberapa bulan yang lalu!

Anjing malang itu ternyata diberikan kepada seorang teman, yang berpikir bahwa anak-anaknya mungkin menyukai anjing. Pada kenyataannya, anak-anak itu takut anjing, dan bahkan mereka tidak mau berdekatan dengan anjing apalagi menyentuhnya! “Ayah, kami tidak mau anjing itu, buang saja!”
Kondisi yang kita lihat ketika kami pergi menemui anjing yang kami namakan Mylo sangat mengenaskan-Mylo berbaring di kotoran dan air kencingnya sendiri, kandangnya kecil, bulunya banyak yang rontok sehingga beberapa bagian terlihat botak, sakit, dan kurus. Di lantai terlihat kotoran di mana-mana, tapi si Mylo begitu senang melihat kami seolah-olah ia baru saja memenangkan lotre jutaan dolar! Anak-anak mengatakan bahwa ayah mereka mendapatkan anjing itu dari suatu tempat, mereka bahkan terlihat tidak peduli.

Kami berhenti di sebuah toko hewan peliharaan untuk membeli barang-barang yang dibutuhkan Mylo sebelum pergi ke klinik, dan dari staf yang bekerja di sana, kami mendapat berita lain yang menyedihkan tentang Mylo. “Kami kenal anjing ini! Dia tidak punya nama. Pemiliknya membeli makanan anjing (dog food) paling murah di sini sebulan sekali. Kadang-kadang anjing itu begitu lapar sehingga ia makan kotorannya sendiri! Kami beberapa kali datang untuk memandikan anjing dan mengirim dog food, itu sebabnya kami tahu tentang anjing malang ini … Tidak ada yang sayang dengan dia di rumah itu ” .

Bantu kami berikan Mylo kehidupan baru! Jika Anda dapat membantu, mohon berdonasi untuk biaya pengobatan Mylo di Rumah Sakit Hewan.
Hubungi kami di letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com untuk informasi tentang donasi.

Tolong bantu SHARE di Facebook Anda , Twitter , Path, dan media sosial lainnya !

Catatan: Setelah pengobatan selesai, Mylo siap untuk pindah ke keluarga barunya. Hubungi kami (letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com) untuk adopsi Mylo!

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Mimi the Kitty, Emergency Case http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2014/04/mimi-the-kitty-emergency-case/ http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2014/04/mimi-the-kitty-emergency-case/#comments Thu, 10 Apr 2014 09:02:49 +0000 http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/?p=72 Mimi 1

Kucing betina ini hidup di jalan dengan kondisi mengenaskan ini selama berminggu-minggu. Dengan ususnya yang menggantung, ia harus tetap bertahan hidup dengan mencari makan di jalan, bersembunyi di selokan, melompat dan berlari untuk menghindari manusia yang tidak suka melihat kucing (apalagi dengan kondisi seperti ini) dan menghindari anjing jalan yang sering mengejar kucing. Hidup kucing ini sangat keras dan penuh penderitaan.

Mimi 2

Tidak ada orang yang menyukai penderitaan. Tidak nyaman rasanya melihat darah, banyak orang memilih untuk pura-pura tidak melihat dan tidak tahu apa yang sedang terjadi. Atau malah lebih parah lagi, beberapa orang akan menyingkirkan hewan atau malah membunuhnya sehingga hewan tersebut bisa lebih cepat mati.

Mimi 3

Kami selamatkan kucing ini dari jalan dan membawanya ke klinik hewan. Kami namakan dia Mimi.
Mimi dinyatakan kekurangan gizi, dehidrasi dan banyak parasit, tetapi meskipun begitu, Mimi mendengkur terus- menerus ketika dokter sedang memeriksanya.

Mimi 4

Kami membutuhkan bantuan Anda untuk menolong Mimi. Mohon bantuan donasi untuk Mimi supaya ia dapat segera dioperasi dan diobati. Mimi butuh bantuan Anda.

Email kami ke letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai cara berdonasi.
Jika Anda tidak dapat berdonasi, mohon bantuan Anda untuk menyebarkan cerita Mimi lewat media sosial (Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, dll.)

Catatan: Kami membutuhkan foster/adopter untuk Mimi setelah Mimi dioperasi dan rawat inap. Email kami ke letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

Mohon bantuan Anda untuk Mimi di saat ia membutuhkannya.

Terima kasih.

UPDATE 16 April 2014

Mimi sudah meninggalkan kita semua.
Ia dinyatakan positif menderita penyakit Panleukopenia dan ini menyebabkan adanya komplikasi setelah operasinya. Mimi menderita diare akut, kehilangan selera makan, muntah-muntah, pendarahan dalam, dehidrasi berat dan temperatur badan menurun drastis. Para dokter sudah mencoba segala tindakan untuk membuat kondisi Mimi lebih baik, tetapi pada akhirnya Mimi menyerah

Selamat jalan Mimi, maafkan kami karena kami tidak bisa menyelamatkanmu 🙁

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Candy, the lucky mother! http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2014/02/candy-the-lucky-mother/ Wed, 12 Feb 2014 13:51:27 +0000 http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/?p=67

This small dog was found in a dumpster and she seemed to have just given birth to her 2 puppies when she was first spotted.
At first the dumpster looked like a good place for her family, since it was dry and safe. But when it started to rain, her puppies were flushed to the sewer.
Luckily, a kind man saw this little family and decided to help. He rescued the puppies from the gutter and took them home. The mother ran away in panic. The man tried to catch her and finally succeeded to take her to meet her puppies.
The little family was saved and the puppies grew into strong healthy boys!

Unfortunately the man who rescued Candy and her puppies could not keep them forever. He is old and cannot commit for a young dog. He managed to find a home for Candy’s puppies but he needs help to find Sweet Candy a great family.

Candy is small, about 7 kg. She was born around 2009. Loves people and good with other dogs and other animals. She has medium level energy and is not at all aggressive.

If you are looking for a quiet and loyal companion, sweet Candy is a great choice. Contact us (letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com) for her adoption, our usual adoption criteria apply.

Fluffy Dylan is Homeless, Help Him Please! http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2014/01/homeless-fluffy-dylan/ Wed, 15 Jan 2014 11:15:24 +0000 http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/?p=61 IMG-20140109-07590

This poor boy was abandoned by his family before we found him. We named him Dylan.

We could not find much about Dylan’s past, the vet could only predicted that Dylan was born around 2009. He was confused and scared as we found him — he might have spent his whole life in a home before he was dumped. Dylan is in good health, we put him in a vet clinic for a check up and scheduled him to be neutered.

Dylan is in need of a forever home, as soon as he can leave the clinic he will need a place to go home to.
Will you open your home for this wonderful boy?

Check out our adoption criteria:
1. MUST have another dog right now. No exceptions.
2. Dylan will be a family dog, not a guard dog, won’t work in a factory/office, etc. Family life only. And that means living indoors with the family.
3. Dylan will eat a raw diet (see here for more info: www.rawfed.com)
4. Non-smoking homes, because second hand smoking kills human and animals.Second hand smoking kills and makes miserable life of both human and their pets alike. Please appreciate our hard work of rescuing the animals by giving them nice crisp air.

Email us if you wish to adopt Dylan: letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com.

Help SHARE, please!

Audi and Aston, Victims of the Family Drama http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2014/01/audi-and-aston-victims-of-the-family-drama/ Mon, 13 Jan 2014 13:33:08 +0000 http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/?p=48 When a family drama threatens to tear the family apart, it is not the children who suffered the most. This is how we met these two adorable beagles. Their family was on the peak of a crisis and as the drama escalates, the ones who had to go first were the dogs. These two dogs barely knew what happened when they were thrown out of the place they have called their home for most of their lives.


Confused and scared, they were thrown out, and despite our best effort to tell their family to take them back, it was impossible for them to go back home. (Mind you, we rehome cats and dogs, we are not professional and dedicated family counselors)

Now these two beagles are officially homeless.



We renamed them Aston (male, born around 2011) and Audi (female, born around 2011). Now they are staying in a vet clinic, but they will need a foster home. Kindly help us find a foster home or a permanent home for both of them! Aston and Audi can be adopted or fostered separately. Please contact us to help them.

Our email: letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com.

Please help SHARE!

Leo, kucing kecil dengan mata nyaris copot http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2013/12/leo-kucing-kecil-dengan-mata-nyaris-copot/ http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/2013/12/leo-kucing-kecil-dengan-mata-nyaris-copot/#comments Mon, 30 Dec 2013 17:11:28 +0000 http://indonesia.myletsadopt.com/?p=32

Pertama kali melihat foto kucing ini, kami berpikir, “BAGAIMANA bisa kucing kecil dan ramah seperti LEO, yang suka bermain dan mendekati manusia, berada dalam keadaan seperti ini?”

Chlamydia adalah bakteri yang menyebabkan penyakit, yang jika dibiarkan akan merusak mata kucing meskipun prosesnya tidak instan. Biasanya penyakit ini dimulai dengan gejala ringan yang makin lama makin parah. Penyakit ini dapat dengan mudah diobati tetapi jika didiamkan maka keadaan bertambah parah dan hasilnya akan mengenaskan.

Leo baru berusia 3 bulan, sangat ramah dan tidak berbahaya sama sekali… Meskipun begitu, dari sekian ratus orang yang lalu-lalang dan melihat Leo di jalan dengan kondisi mata yang makin memburuk kondisinya, TAK SATUPUN dari mereka terketuk hatinya untuk menolong.

Pada saat teman kami menemukannya, Leo dalam keadaan pucat dan sangat lemas… Tetapi di dalam tubuh yang menderita, terdapat jiwa singa yang menanti untuk muncul segera setelah sembuh.


Mohon bantu kami menyelamatkan mata Leo dengan berdonasi untuk operasi mata dan pengobatannya. Dia membutuhkan uluran tangan kita semua hari ini.


Setelah sembuh, Leo akan diadopsikan, tinggal di dalam rumah dan tidak akan kembali ke jalan.
Email kami di letsadoptindonesia@gmail.com untuk mengadopsi Leo.

Terima kasih.


LEO won´t see the New Year because he will be blind…

First thing I thought when I saw his picture was, HOW??? How does a friendly kitty like Leo, that approaches everyone to play and rub himself against his legs get to be in this position?

Chlamydia is a bacteria that, if left unchecked can destroy a cat´s eyes, but it doesn´t act overnight. It usually starts with mild symptoms that get progressively worst, its very easily treatable if caught early, but once damage spreads the results are devastating.

Hundreds of people saw Leo on the streets, they witnessed the progressive deterioration in his eyes, a little three month old kitty, totally friendly and harmless.. but NOONE DID ANYTHING.

This is the condition in which we´ve found him… he´s anaemic and extremely weak, still, under that terribly hurt body you can see there is a lion waiting to come out.

Leo is being stabilised at the moment and we will operate him as long as he is able to resist the procedure. Please help us save Leo´s eyesight and his life by donating towards his operation and treatment. He needs us today

After Leo has been stabilised and operated he´s going to need a wonderful home that gives him love and safety for life. If you would like to adopt Leo (for international adoption), please write to viktor@myletsadopt.com telling him as much as you can about you and your animals.

Many thanks!!!

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